Your Partner in the Quest of Significance

Every person has a latent desire to live a Significant Life, one which leaves a lasting impact on those we love and the world we live in.

Financial Planning isn’t just about putting our financial house in order, it’s about how to discover your unique path to goals you desire to achieve.

Cox Wealth Management, LLC has developed a process in which we act as both mentor and coach for our clients, helping them to define what their specific goals are, and then guide them toward achieving them.

On this website we provide articles, newsletters, calculators, and many other tools to help in researching basic financial questions. So feel free to use our search function on the toolbar above to easily locate the answer to many of your financial questions.

But if you really want to dig deeper, to have your life make a difference, why not take the next step by scheduling a no cost appointment and discovering for yourself what a Significant Life can really be!

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We hope you find the experience beneficial and informative.